The Life Auction makes Experimental / Ambient / Industrial / Electronic/Electro-acoustic Music. The Life Auction started as a project by Leo Friberg as a kid in the late 80s/early 90s.

The Music I make in my real name "Leo Friberg" is sort of Singer-Songwriter/Folk/Acid Folk. I play guitar, lute, a little piano sometimes, sing and compose. If you hear a violin on my songs it is my father Bert Friberg who plays it. I have released many demos as Leo Friberg, one ep called "Alone" and an instrumental album called "Forest". There is also another demo on my bandcamp called "Friends". On my bandcamp you can find most of my music. My plans for the future is to record songs in better Quality, more like a studio recording. Hope I will be able to do that some time. That's my dream. The music by The Life Auction is more or less in perfect Quality since it fits this sort of more abstract music.

I also have a project called "PLinteous".This project is more or less improvisations, demorecordings, homerecordings and similiar stuff.

Feel free to visit my bandcamp or my soundcloud to listen to my music.

© Copyright Leo Friberg