My early influences were mostly Ethnic Swedish Folk Music, Russian Classical Music and Electronic Music, sometimes synthpop. I started to listen to Queen and David Bowie at a very young age. I still remember how much I missed Freddie when he died. And ofcourse Bowie is very much missed too. When I was around 16 years old I started to listen to a lot of Psychadelic pop/rock and also Progressive Rock. I like especially Italian Progressive Rock. When I listened to so much technical advanced music I wanted to have some variation so I started to dig into Folk/World music from all the world. I love especially music from East Europe, Russia in particular. I also like very much Galician Folk Music from northern Spain. I am very much influenced by Acid Folk/Psychadelic Folk music and many people say that is what my music can be called also. Also Electronic music, Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Music, Electroacoustic music is inspiring for me. I feel like I can go on and write for hours about this. Thanks for reading everyone. Feel free to visit my page on Rateyourmusic and check what albums I like.

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